Platforms for Innovation

APIdays is the largest Australian conference dedicated to the business and technology of Web APIs. It brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists to discuss, collaborate and learn about building the platforms that support new business models.

FinTech, HealthTech, Government, Smart Homes & Cities



2 days, 5 keynotes, 3 streams, more than 50 speakers, workshops & exhibits!
Day 1: March 1st 2016
08:00-17:30Registration Open
09:00-09:10Conference Opening
09:10-09:50 Welcome To Startup Land - What Big Companies Must Learn From Startups
Steve Sammartino
09:55-10:35 Digital Innovation in a 150 year old bank
James Bligh
10:35-11:15 Break
11:15-11:45 APIs that developers love
Kirsten Hunter
The Platform Manifesto
Simon Raik-Allen
Agile API Security
Eldar Allahverdiyev
11:50-12:20 User delight driven design of APIs
Michael Hyatt
Unleashing the Power of People: Role of APIS in Connected Healthcare
Tim Kelsey
REST Considered Harmful
Ross Garrett
12:25-12:55 The RESTed NARWHL: An Approach to Building Adaptable APIs
Rob Zazueta
Driving Customer Engagement & Acquisition in the Digital Era
Rana Pereis
Where's my DevOps API?
Matthew Erbs
12:55-13:55 LunchAPI Management: From Vision to Go-Live
Axel Grosse
13:55-14:25 Uber Trip Experiences: Unlocking Your Platform's Potential
Andrew Noonan
Tech sparking social change
Anne-Marie Elias
Journey from Data Integration to Data Science
Michael Wise
14:30-15:00 The HipChat Connect Platform
Tanguy Crusson
Strategic Impact of APIs on Government
Craig Thomler
APIs, Spreadsheets, & Drinking Fountains: Using open data in real life
Shelby Switzer
15:00-15:40 Break
15:40-16:10 Blockchain as a Platform
Liming Zhu
Product Strategy for APIs
Elena Kelareva
Building a Bank out of Microservices
Graham Lea
16:15-16:45 We Need to Talk About Docs
Nik Wakelin
APIs at Telstra - One year on
Frank Arrigo
Business Process Orchestration & APIs
Saul Caganoff
16:50-17:30 API: The "I" Stands for Innovation
Mike Amundsen
17:30-19:30Cocktail Party
Day 2: March 2nd 2016
08:00-17:30Registration Open
09:00-09:10Opening Day 2
09:10-09:50 Entering the Platform Age: How to create genuine value for Internal and External API Consumers
Steven Willmott
09:55-10:35 APIs - centre of the universe, or edge of the galaxy?
Andrew Cutler
10:35-11:15 Break
11:15-11:45 From Zero to Hyper in 30 minutes: Live Coding a Hypermedia Client
Mike Amundsen
Tools to Help Enterprise, Gov and Startups Expose Core Business Strengths
Mark Boyd
Typed Services Using Finch
Tom Adams
11:50-12:20 Following the Signs - Learnings from Implementing a Hypermedia Client
Uli Holtel
A Darwinian approach to APIs in Government health
Bruce Haefele
The Art of Visually Meshing Microservices Together
Dennis Ashby
12:25-12:55 Hypermedia web API as a network of data
Todd Brackley
The Three T's of Digital Government Service Delivery
Lindsay Holmwood
APIs for Effective Communications
Jordan Walsh
12:55-13:55 LunchAPI Management: From Vision to Go-Live
Axel Grosse
13:55-14:25 An API Primer: APIs at ANZ
Tim Liddelow
Fitting APIs into the enterprise: business cases, governance, and culture
Michael Leppitch
Using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to Authenticate Microservices
Mark Wolfe
14:30-15:00 API or die trying
Brett Adam
Building Xero's API community
Regan Ashworth
Blockchain: Irrational Exuberance or the Solution for Everything?
Peter Williams
15:00-15:40 Break
15:40-16:10 APIs in the Real World - Insights from a DB of 11,500 APIs
Adeel Ali
Logistics Companies are going Digital
Anthony Hawkins
IOT and APIs - Bringing business to life outside the office
Jack Skinner
16:15-16:45 The Art of Developer Relations
Steven Cooper
Disrupting Recruitment
Andre Charoo
API Innovation in the Mobile-First, Cloud-First World
Nick Ward & Jorge Arteiro
16:50-17:20 Escaping the Bikeshed with JSON-API
Rob Valk
Engaging Citizens with Open Data
Jithma Beneragama
Play Fast To Win - How Sportsbet.com.au embraced node.js for API development
Piotr Rochala
17:20-17:30Conference Close




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  • 3Scale
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  • Whispir

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  • Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
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